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JA till varg i Sverige!

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Foto: Terje Hellesø

Foto: Terje Hellesø

Terje Hellesø är en av vargarnas största förkämpar, i sin blogg bedriver han en bloggkampanj där han uppmanar alla att säga “JA till varg i Sverige”. Detta fick mig att tänka på en bild Uffe tog på Skansen 1997 i samband med att vi gjorde en klassresa. Normalt sett är vi inte speciellt politiska här på North&South Photoblog, men ibland måste man göra undantag. Vi hoppas att en dag få möjligheten att publicera en bild på en vild varg. Till dess få ni hålla tillgodo med varg i fångenskap.

Foto: Uffe Nordholm

Foto: Uffe Nordholm

Terje Hellesø is one of the great champions of wolves, in his blog he has a campaign where he encourages everyone to say “YES to wolves in Sweden”. This reminded me of a picture Uffe took at Skansen in 1997 in connection with a class trip. Normally we are not very political here on North & South Photoblog, but sometimes you have to make exceptions. We hope to one day publish a picture of a wild wolf. Till then you can make do with captive wolves.

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I was off to Lycksele, 140 km from home a few days ago. Obviously I had my camera with me, and spent some time running around with it.


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Not quite this season yet, we have not really come to spring yet, but I thought a nice summer picture wouldn’t be a bad idea considering Umeå has been through a long winter. Just another few weeks and we will have spring, and two months or so later it will be summer.

The picture is from a small set of rapids at Bratten, in Lycksele. Originally taken on Sensia slide film, with an EOS30, and scanned with my crappy can’t-remember-the-make-or-model scanner. Unfortunately the picture looks incredibly much better when projected on a screen than it does on my computer screen.

Log cabin

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This is actually an old picture. I took it a few years ago, while I was living in Lycksele.  This time there are no footprints in the snow, and hardly any sky to be seen.

North by northeast

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Contrary to my habit of using only pictures taken within walking distance from home, this picture is from Lycksele, not at all far from where I took “Northeast”

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