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Despite the light in the picture, this is actually the moon. And if you want the moon in the right place, you have to hurry up: it moves along the skies much faster than the sun!



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Photo: Fredrik Persson

Four lamps

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The lamps are not the result of some digital trickery, there were really four lamps in front of my camera when I took this picture.  And to enhance the picture, I have removed all colour, leaving just tones of black and white. And one of these lamps is the one that has appeared in my “The lamp” series.

The branch

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Not black-and white originally, I desaturated the colours in this picture.


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Fotograferandet har gått trögt en längre tid, men nu pressenterar jag bild 400. Jag hade hoppats på att bild 400 skulle bli något storslaget, istället blev det en bild på en brevlåda.

Photo: Fredrik Persson

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