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Night Flight

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The blur in this picture has two different explanations. Firstly, the background is blurred because I was following the flying swans (ie moving the camera while taking the picture), thus giving the background the impression of movement. And secondly, the flying swans were…. well, flying! They were flapping their wings quite a lot, and considering what time of day they were flying, getting short exposure times was out of the question.

The inspiration for this kind of picture comes from a Terje Hellesø, a Norwegian nature photographer.

And for those who want to know: this is during the swans’ migration south, to warmer climates. The evening I took this picture there were some 100-120 birds passing me, at varying heights: some just high enough to not dip their wings in the water under them, others over a  hundred meters up in the air.


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This picture comes from Söderåsens Nationalpark (previously known mostly as Skäralid).

Into the Unknown!

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The Four Stripes

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four stripes

Taken just minutes before my previous picture, this shows the sky some minutes before the sun dropped below the horizon.


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Another picture taken around midnight, it has a very blue colour. Although it isn’t the time (by the clock) that is relevant, it’s the fact that the sun is only just below the horizon that gives the colour. And this time of year that happens to be around midnight.

This particular picture shows a white-tailed eagle turning sharply, before landing to feed its chicks. Well, I suppose it’s landing to feed chicks, there was a lot of this kind of traffic over the same spot.

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