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The other side of the box

Posted in Holmsund, Nightphoto, the box, Uffe Nordholm, Umeå, Västerbotten by uffenordholm on October 15, 2010
The other side of the box.

The other side of the box.

This is another view of this picture. I have taken this picture from a different place, and illuminated it. The “normal” thing to do, considering it was dusk in the forest when I took the picture, would be to use a flash. I used a torch instead (to any US reader: what the Britons call torch you call flashlight…). With the camera on a tripod, and the a large apperture, I started the timer on the camera, took a few paces off to the side and started waving my torch like mad, trying to illuminate only those parts of the scene I wanted lit. Mostly, I didn’t want to shine any light on the trees in the background.


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