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The eye, again….

Posted in Animals, Uffe Nordholm by uffenordholm on October 18, 2009


I do not know whether or not this is the same horse I have photographed earlier ( And I don’t really care: I find horses a pleasant object to photograph. At the same time, they can be rather frustrating: they tend to not stand still long enough for me to point my camera at them, focus, take care of teh exposure settings and get around to actually realesing the shutter.

This particular horse was quite interesting: s-/he was very curious, and before I even got close to his/her pen, s-/he was making it very obvious that I was interesting. I couldn’t stand within half a metre of the pen without having him/her poke his/her head over or under the fence trying to smell me, to nibble at my trouser legs or simply push me around a bit. And I could easily hold the horse steady, if I wanted to. Unfortunately, that left me with no hand to set the focus on my camera…

There were a number of other horses around for me to photograph, but this one was by far the most curious about me. Most of the others approached me when I stood next to the enclosure fence, and would interact with me.


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  1. horse mat said, on October 19, 2009 at 5:38 am

    Emerging 60 million years ago, the first horse was called Eohippus (The Dawn Horse) and was tiny, weighing only 12 pounds and standing just 14 inches high. In contrast to the modern one-toed horse, the Eohippus had four toes on its front feet and three on its hind feet.

    • uffenordholm said, on October 19, 2009 at 7:21 am

      I have no clue what kind of horse I photographed, but it was a lot higher than 14 inches. I think, though, its height rules out Eohippus….

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