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Trollmor i skäralid.

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Detta blir min sista skäralidbild på några veckor nu, inte för att jag har någon brist på bilder från skäralid, utan pga att jag måste variera mig lite ;)


Skäralid – dimma

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Life… and death.

Posted in Uffe Nordholm, Wildlife by uffenordholm on July 20, 2009
A mouse just after birth

A mouse just after birth

Pure coincidence allowed me to take this picture, and several like it. I was alerted to the mouse cowering in a small hole by a friend. I ran off and brought back my camera gear, and was told that the mouse was in labour. I found this a bit odd, considering the mouse was completely unshielded, having dug a small hole out in the open, but nevertheless it was true: beneath the mouse was a smaller, newborn, mouse that I had not seen previously.

I would like to know what made the female choose this open site to give birth. I would also like to know what had happened earlier: she died an hour or so later, leaving her child an easy pick for the gulls in the area. Considering she had no visible wounds her death seems mysterious to me.

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Can you add?

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An adder.

An adder.

An example of the only poisonous snake in Sweden. Although they are rarely lethal, you should be careful with them. Ordinarily I would have removed a lot of the grass and weeds from the ground, but in this case I chose to be careful instead of achieving a better picture.

Trolsk skog.

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