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The bollard

Posted in Landscape, Uffe Nordholm, Umeå by uffenordholm on August 25, 2008

This bollard has not been used for many years now, and is not likely to be used again since ships no longer moore here: there is a bridge cutting off this area from the sea.

Diagonal composition

Posted in Uffe Nordholm, Umeå by uffenordholm on August 9, 2008


Not the first diagonal composition I try, and probably not the last either. I tried using a slow shutter speed on this picture, to make the water really smooth, and I was impressed by the times my compact camera could achieve: this was shot at 3.2 seconds, a mugh longer time than I thought my camera could handle well.

Fråga inte

Posted in Fredrik Persson, Insects, Skåne by Persson Fredrik on August 1, 2008

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