North and South Photoblog

Lövånger church

Posted in Uffe Nordholm by uffenordholm on April 6, 2008

I was going to add a gorgeous picture of Lövånger church that i have, but found that I cannot upload it. WordPress have changed the user interface, and neither Firefox nor Konqueror will upload a picture.

When I first tried Firefox would randomly crash, or apparently upload the picture but not get past a text saying “Crunching”. Now that I updated to the latest version of Flash I don’t even get that far… It seems the only way I can get a picture into a post is by hosting it elsewhere first. But in my mind that removes the incentive to use WordPress in the first place: I have my own server, so I can easily host the images somewhere, but why then bother with WordPress?

Whatever comes of this, it seems that it will be some time before I can upload a picture again.

Oh, and before anybody tells me to use Internet Explorer to upload my pictures: I use Linux. The newest version of IE that I have access to at home is the one that came with Windows 98. I don’t think I can update that to the latest version of Flash. I could obviously walk off to a neighbour and ask to borrow his/her computer, but that would make the idea of hosting my own blogg much more appealing.


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